There are very few names synonymous with quality, regardless of the industry. FINN’s experience of over 70 years bringing innovative technologies to the landscape and erosion control markets has firmly established it as a quality company with quality products.

The FINN Corporation prides itself on manufacturing products that give contractors the ability to work more profitably by completing more jobs with less cost than ever before.

The FINN range includes Hydroseeders®, Mulch Blowers, Straw Blowers, Materials Transfer Systems and related consumables.

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FINN Hydroseeders®

The first Hydroseeder was invented by FINN in 1953 to efficiently shoot seed and fertilizers over broad areas. This invention was more than a product innovation- it was the seed that grew an entirely new industry of turf and erosion control contractors.

Hydroseeding is more efficient than sodding, broadcast seeding, or any other method of establishing turf or controlling erosion. FINN Hydroseeders use 100% hydraulically driven, mechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation to enhance the loading,
mixing and discharge operation.

Compared with other manufacturers units, only FINN’s exclusive pump design, variety of units ranging from 1100-15100
litre capacities, and numerous options provides for a more powerful and operator-friendly Hydroseeder, while keeping maintenance costs low.

Your FINN Hydroseeder® will keep you busy earning profits with numerous applications, including:

  •     –     Seeding
  •     –     Watering
  •     –     Fertilizing
  •     –     Street Cleaning
  •     –     Dust Control
  •     –     Pipeline Restore Erosion Control
  •     –     Hydro Sprigging
  •     –     Fire Suppression
  •     –     Reclamation
  •     –     Landfill Covering
  •     –     Coastal Work
FINN hydroseeder


FINN Straw Blower

The FINN Straw Blower offers landscape contractors the opportunity for amazing gains in efficiency and profit by doubling straw coverage in a fraction of the time it takes to apply by hand. There’s no more efficient way to ensure soil moisture retention and
protect against erosion damage to freshly seeded areas.

Designed to deliver smooth, reliable power for maximum straw shredding and discharge, FINN Straw Blowers make quick work of straw mulching even in the most demanding conditions. FINN offers a technologically advanced line of Straw Blowers to handle jobs ranging from small lawns to massive mining sites.

Your FINN Straw Blower will keep you busy earning profits with numerous applications, including:

    •     –    Seed Protection
    •     –    Soil Stabalisation
    •     –    Mud Control
    •     –    Pipelines
    •     –    Agriculture
    •     –    Erosion Control
    •     –    Underground Utility Construction
FINN straw blower


FINN Mulch Blower

FINN Mulch Blowers are the most versatile performers you can find, delivering high quality results in landscaping, erosion control, and construction related applications, eliminating the need for labour-intensive hand application.

With high production bulk material handling and accurate application, your workers can increase productivity up to 700%, significantly reducing worker fatigue, wasted materials, and unnecessary time on the jobsite by replacing them with a productive and performance-enhancing alternative with material savings of 25% or more.

A FINN Mulch Blower is the most versatile worker on the job site – delivering needed materials to hillsides, tough terrain, and all hard-to-reach areas with a range of blowers with 1.1-16.6 cubic metre capacity.

Your FINN Mulch Blower will keep you busy earning profits with numerous applications, including:

  •     –    Bark Mulch
  •     –    Soil / Compost
  •     –    Lawn and Sports Field Overseeding
  •     –    Interiorscape Material Application
  •     –    Erosion Control
  •     –    Aggregate Installation
Mulch blower



The FINN MTS (Material Transfer System) offers proven labour savings over the old “shovel and sweat” method.

The FINN MTS has a 11 cubic metre trailer capable of hauling, storing and delivering bulk materials, from sand and aggregate to bark mulch and compost or virtually any palletised material. A wide rear access area allows for quick loading and offloading of materials, while dual discharge conveyors enable loading of wheelbarrows from either side. A multi-purpose vacuum picks
up a wide variety of materials, which are conveniently deposited into the enclosed trailer.

The FINN MTS is capable of:

    •     –    Delivery and placement of soil, aggregate, bark mulch, compost,  sod and a variety of other bulk materials without the back-breaking shovelling.
    •     –    Integrated vacuum to remove leaves and debris.
    •     –    Decreased manual labour
    •     –    Decresed job times
    •     –    Increased productivity and profits


It’s time to bury your shovel!



FINN Landfill Solution

Designed specifically for use in the extreme environments of landfills, the LF-120 HydroSeeder®, an exclusive Finn Landfill Solution™, is an efficient solution for applying alternative daily cover (ADC), as well as the application of materials to control odour, dust and erosion.

Furthermore, the unit can be used as a mobile watering source to wash equipment and put out fires, and it can be used for other hydroseeding tasks such as re-vegetation and landscaping.

FINN Landfill Solutions