Terberg RoRo tractors, Yard Trucks and Rail Shunters with 4×2, 4×4 and 6×4 drive line are suitable for a wide variety of applications with G.C.W. of up to 2000 ton. They fulfill the ROPS and FOPS safety standard and have important qualities such as robust chassis, maintenance friendly engineering and drivers comfort. Terberg tractors can be tailor-made for transport of trailers in harbors, terminals, logistics, industry, and distribution centers.

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Terberg RoRo Tractor

The all-new Terberg RoRo Tractor is designed for RoRo operations in ports. Its 4×4 driveline, Ergoturn® 180° swiveling seat and spacious cabin makes this tractor ideal for work in the RoRo ships. Terberg RoRo Tractors are engineered and built to handle up to 375 tons G.C.W and cope with 5th wheel loads up to 45 tons.

Terberg RpRo Tractors, handling your heavy cargo with total confidence.

Terberg RORO Tractor


Terberg Yard Truck

The Terberg Yard tractors are designed for moving trailers in distribution centers, container terminals, and transport companies. The spacious cab with perfect visibility combined with inboard door presents an ideal ergonomic 4×2 workhorse. Terberg Yard Tractors are engineered and built to handle up to 200 tons G.C.W, with lifting capacity of the 5th wheel up to 36 Tons.

Terberg YT tractors, for all your cargo and logistical solutions.

Terberg Yard Truck


Terberg Rail Shunter

Terberg has joined forces with ZAGRO to create the ultimate rail road vehicle, the Terberg Rail Shunter. Terberg Tractors are built with proven engineering designs and techniques with reliable top quality components. Significant advantages to this 6×4 Rail Shunter include its tight turning circle on the road, high-capacity wagon brake system for maximum supply in idle condition and the towing capability of pulling G.C.W of up to 2000 tons.

Terberg Rail Shunter