Portable Compressors

Welcome to Clark Equipment's dedicated space for Atlas Copco tow behind compressors, your dynamic partners in construction. 

Engineered for versatility, mobility, and superior performance, our range of towable air compressors redefine the standards of efficiency on the job site. 

Discover the power, explore the mobility, and empower your construction projects with our heavy-duty portable air compressors.

Why Portable Compressors Are Essential

The essential companion for companies that need to take the tools to perform their work with them, wherever they go. Towed and transported by vehicles across the globe, Atlas Copco’s range of air compressors is ready to go and ready to move, when you are. You can be assured of the most compact size and balanced design coupled with superior levels of efficiency. Plus, many of the Atlas Copco portable compressor models also come with the legendary HardHat® cover!

Unveiling the Tow Behind Compressor Range: Versatility in Every Tow

Road Compressors - Ready for the Journey Ahead

  • Our Road Compressors are tailored for the road, providing unmatched performance and reliability.
  • From asphalt projects to road construction, these compressors are your steadfast companions on the journey to success.

Tow Behind Air Compressor - Towing Power, Construction Excellence

  • The tow behind air compressors in our range offer towing power coupled with construction excellence.
  • Versatility and mobility come together to ensure that your construction tasks are executed with precision and efficiency.

Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor - Powering Heavy-Duty Construction

  • Our heavy duty portable air compressors are engineered to power heavy-duty construction tasks.
  • Lift, drill, or sand with confidence, knowing that these compressors are designed to handle the toughest challenges.

Key Features and Benefits: Tow, Power, Conquer

  • Versatile Towing: Our tow behind compressors are designed for easy towing, ensuring that your equipment is where you need it, when you need it.
  • Road-Ready Construction: Road Compressors are optimised for construction on paved surfaces, providing the power needed for road projects.
  • On-the-Go Efficiency: Towable Air Compressors offer the freedom to move, enabling on-the-go efficiency for construction tasks in diverse locations.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: The heavy duty portable air compressor range ensures power-packed performance, catering to the demands of heavy-duty construction projects.

Your Construction Solution Starts Here: Explore, Enquire, Empower

Begin your construction journey with Clark Equipment today. Dive into our Atlas Copco’stow behind compressor range, envision their towing capabilities, and discover the features that set them apart.

Whether you're navigating road projects or powering heavy-duty construction tasks, our compressors are designed to exceed your expectations.

View our Products, Enquire Online, and Empower Your Construction Experience.

Your construction success story begins with the right equipment.

Take the first step – explore our tow behind compressors for sale, envision the possibilities, and enquire online to experience the power, mobility, and efficiency of Clark Equipment's compressors. 

Empower your construction projects with our dynamic range today.

To Go Range


7-12 Bar / 70-250 cfm

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7-17 Bar / 189-850 cfm

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Partner Range


 7-35 Bar / 706-2,225 cfm

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Mobile Compressors


5-14 bar / 237-1,100 cfm

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