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  • Consult with Our Experts: Reach out to our expert team for personalised guidance and assistance.
  • Customise Rental Duration: Tailor the rental duration to your project needs, whether short or long term.
  • Effortless Delivery and Setup: Enjoy convenient delivery and on-site setup, making your telehandler ready for operation.

Clark Equipment's telehandler hire in NZ is designed for simplicity, ensuring a hassle-free experience from selection to operation at your project site. 

Elevate your material handling efficiency today – explore, enquire, and experience the versatility of our top-tier telehandlers.

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At Clark Equipment, we understand the dynamic nature of projects, and our telehandler hire process is designed to provide you with a hassle-free experience. 

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Telehandler Rental - NZ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the right telehandler model for my specific project requirements?

Selecting the perfect telehandler hire for your project involves considering the scope, terrain, and load requirements. 

For versatile tasks in confined spaces, a compact telehandler may suffice, while larger projects may benefit from a high-capacity model. Analyse factors like lift height, reach, and load capacity, envisioning your project"s unique demands. 

Our expert team is ready to assist in navigating these details, ensuring you secure the most suitable telehandler hire for a seamless and efficient project experience.

What factors should I consider when customising the rental duration for a telehandler?

When customising the rental duration for a telehandler hire in NZ, consider the project timeline, task complexity, and budget constraints. 

Short-term rentals are ideal for brief tasks, while long-term options suit extended projects. Align the duration with your specific needs, ensuring flexibility for unforeseen delays or changes in requirements. 

Clark Equipment offers adaptable telehandler hire durations, providing you the freedom to optimise rental periods according to the unique demands of your New Zealand projects.

Are there any specific safety guidelines or training requirements for operating a rented telehandler?

Absolutely, safety is paramount when it comes to telehandler rental. Our telehandler rental services come with specific safety guidelines and training requirements to ensure secure operations. 

Prior to use, we recommend that operators undergo thorough training sessions to familiarise themselves with the equipment and adhere to safety protocols. 

Clark Equipment is committed to promoting safe telehandler operation, providing the necessary resources and guidelines to guarantee a secure and efficient rental experience.

Why should I choose to partner with Clark Equipment for telehandler hire in NZ? 

Choosing Clark Equipment for telehandler hire in NZ ensures a seamless and reliable experience. 

Our extensive fleet, coupled with transparent telehandler hire rates, caters to diverse project needs. 

We prioritise customer satisfaction, offering tailored solutions for telehandler rental. With a commitment to safety and 24/7 support, we stand out as your trusted partner for telehandler hire in NZ. 

Clark Equipment combines quality equipment, flexible options, and dedicated service, making us the ideal choice to elevate your material handling operations.


The Bobcat TL30.60 telehandler can lift up to 3,000kg and has a lift height of up to 6m. Its your ideal machine for the farm or your go-to tool for tackling construction jobs in tight spots.


The Bobcat TL35.70 telehandler can lift up to 3,500kg and has a lift height of up to 7m. Offering outstanding stability for all your construction and agricultural needs.


The Bobcat TL38.70HF telehandler can lift up to 3,800kg and has a lift height of up to 7m. It has the best-in-class boom speeds and high flow which offers a perfect match for all your agriculture needs.


The Bobcat TL40.180 telehandler can lift up to 4,000kg and has a lift height of up to 18m, the top of the range model.


The Bobcat TL43.80HF telehandler can lift up to 4,300kg and has a lift height of up to 8m. It is the natural step up from smaller machines, and is referred to as the beast of the range.