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Reach Forklifts - NZ - Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a reach lift forklift? 

A reach lift forklift, also known as a reach truck in NZ, is a specialised material handling equipment designed for efficient storage and retrieval in narrow aisles. It features a unique design, allowing the forks to extend horizontally, providing exceptional reach into storage racks. Ideal for maximising warehouse space, reach lift forklifts are commonly used for high-density storage applications, offering versatility in navigating tight spaces while ensuring optimal accessibility to goods in New Zealand warehouses.

How do I determine the right reach lift forklift model for my specific material handling needs?

To choose the ideal reach lift forklift model in New Zealand, consider factors like load capacity, lift height, and aisle width. Evaluate your specific material handling needs, focusing on whether you require the versatility of a narrow aisle reach forklift or a model with extended reach capabilities. Clark Equipment"s diverse range of reach forklifts ensures you can match the perfect model to your project requirements, optimising efficiency and productivity in your New Zealand operations.

What are the key advantages of using a reach lift forklift in narrow aisle applications?

A reach lift forklift excels in narrow aisle applications, offering key advantages such as increased storage capacity, enhanced accessibility, and efficient space utilisation. With its ability to extend forks horizontally, it navigates tight spaces effortlessly, optimising vertical storage. Clark Equipment"s range of reach lift forklifts ensures precise and efficient material handling in narrow aisles, maximising productivity and storage efficiency in various industrial applications.

Where is the best place to find reach trucks for sale in NZ? 

For the best reach trucks for sale in NZ, plus forklift rental & hire, Clark Equipment stands out as the premier destination. Our comprehensive range of reach trucks caters to diverse material handling needs. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability, we offer top-tier reach trucks for sale that ensure optimal performance in various applications. Explore our inventory online, discover the perfect reach truck in NZ, and experience the excellence that sets Clark Equipment apart as the trusted supplier for local businesses. 

CRXFL Reach Truck

1,000 - 2,500 KG
Clark electric reach trucks have load capacities of 1,000 – 2,500kg and are designed to meet the requirements of today’s demanding narrow aisle applications.

SRX Reach Truck

1,400 - 1,600 KG
Clark the Forklift SRX 14 Reach Truck
SRX 14/16
The CLARK SRX range redefines the benchmark in sit-down reach trucks, offering outstanding operator comfort and host of advanced features.