Clark Forklifts

Clark Forklifts, a trailblazer in the forklift industry since 1917, continues to redefine excellence in manufacturing and supplying forklift trucks globally. 

With a rich history marked by continuous innovation, Clark remains synonymous with cutting-edge forklift technology.

The Pinnacle of Forklift Technology in New Zealand

Our extensive range of forklifts in New Zealand covers gas, diesel, and electric models, boasting capacities up to 8000 kg to meet your diverse material handling needs.

Clark Forklifts are meticulously engineered for both indoor and outdoor applications on semi-improved surfaces. 

From manufacturing facilities and warehousing setups to storage yards and lumber handling, Clark Forklifts deliver unparalleled performance across a spectrum of industries.

Clark Forklifts

Clark Forklifts is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of forklift trucks. After inventing the worlds first forklift in 1917, Clark have manufactured over 1 million units. Clark has been at the forefront of every major technological advancement in the world’s forklift industry.

The Clark range of forklift trucks include gas forklifts, diesel forklifts and electric forklifts up to 8000 kg capacity, suitable for all your materials handling needs. Clark Forklifts are engineered for indoor and outdoor use on semi-improved surfaces in manufacturing, warehousing, storage yards, lumber handling, and other applications. Also in the range is Clark’s electric reach truck suitable for narrow aisle applications and the Clark electric tow tractor with up to 7000 kg nominal towing capacity.

Explore Our Diverse Forklift Solutions

Electric Forklifts: Optimal Efficiency for Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Our electric forklifts, running on purely alternating current, are designed with a focus on operator comfort, safety, and performance.
  • Ideal for demanding manufacturing and distribution applications, Clark's electric forklifts stand out as the go-to choice for efficiency and reliability.

Internal Combustion Forklifts: Power and Versatility for Tough Environments

  • Clark's range of internal combustion forklifts includes pneumatic and cushion tire options, catering to the toughest warehousing, manufacturing, or materials handling requirements.
  • With powerful engines and robust designs, our internal combustion forklifts excel in challenging environments, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Warehousing Solutions: AC-Electric Powered Superiority Superiority

  • Clark's warehousing solutions, featuring Reach Trucks, Stacker Pallet Movers, and Tow Trucks, are 100% AC-Electric Powered.
  • These solutions prioritise superior ergonomics, operator comfort, safety, and performance, making them the ideal choice for streamlined and efficient warehouse operations.

Discover the Future of Material Handling with Clark Forklifts in NZ

Invest in the future of material handling with Clark Forklifts in New Zealand. As the leading forklift suppliers, we bring you cutting-edge technology, reliability, and unmatched performance. 

Explore our diverse range, from powerful internal combustion forklifts to electric models designed for precision, including lithium-ion battery technology. Join the ranks of those who trust Clark Forklifts for superior materials handling solutions in New Zealand.

Explore our comprehensive forklift range, including reach forklifts, forklift rental, and electric forklifts for sale.

envision the possibilities, and enquire online to experience the reliability, versatility, and innovation that sets Clark apart as the premier forklift supplier in New Zealand. Elevate your operations with our top-tier forklifts today.

Forklifts - NZ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the right type of forklift for my specific material handling needs?

Choosing the right forklift in New Zealand involves evaluating your material handling requirements, and considering factors like load capacity, terrain, and indoor/outdoor usage. Clark Forklifts in NZ provides a diverse range to match various needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for your specific material handling operations.

What are the key advantages of choosing electric forklifts for manufacturing and distribution applications?

Electric forklifts are the optimal choice for manufacturing and distribution applications, providing unparalleled efficiency and environmentally friendly operation. As leading forklift suppliers, Clark Forklifts" electric models offer precise handling, enhanced safety features, and ergonomic designs, ensuring superior performance and operator comfort in the demanding environments of manufacturing and distribution.

Why should I choose your forklifts for sale in NZ? 

Choose Clark Forklifts for sale in NZ for unparalleled reliability, cutting-edge technology, and a rich history of innovation. Our forklifts, meticulously designed to meet diverse material handling needs, offer superior performance and efficiency. Elevate your operations with Clark Forklifts, setting the standard for excellence in forklifts for sale in NZ.



Run on purely alternating current and ergonomically designed for optimal operator comfort, safety and performance the Clark range of electric lift trucks are the ideal choice for demanding manufacturing and distribution applications.

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Internal Combustion


Clark has a wide range of internal combustion powered forklifts, with the option of pneumatic and cushion tyres available, making them ideal for the toughest of warehousing, manufacturing or materials handling requirements.

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The Clark range of warehousing solutions includes Reach Trucks, Stacker Pallet Movers and Tow Trucks that are 100% AC powered and provide superior ergonomics, operator comfort, safety and performance.

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