Embark on a transformative journey with Bobcat's telehandlers in NZ, your go-to solution for elevated efficiency in agricultural operations. 

These versatile machines redefine the landscape of farming, offering unparalleled lifting capabilities and adaptability to diverse tasks.

Unveiling the Telehandler Range: Elevate Your Agricultural Potential

Discover our telehandlers for sale in NZ, engineered for excellence in handling and lifting. 

Designed to meet the unique demands of New Zealand's agricultural landscape, these machines redefine what's possible. 

Whether you're reaching new heights with bales, loading materials, or working in confined spaces, our telehandlers deliver precision and power.

Telehandlers for Sale: Elevating Performance to New Heights

  • TL30.60 - Compact Agility for Farm and Construction

    • The Bobcat TL30.60 telehandler lifts up to 3,000kg with a 6m lift height, ideal for farm tasks or construction in tight spots.
    • Experience compact agility combined with powerful lifting capabilities.
    • Explore the TL30.60 for versatile and efficient handling.
  • TL35.70 - Stability for Construction and Agriculture

    • The Bobcat TL35.70 telehandler lifts up to 3,500kg with a 7m lift height, providing outstanding stability for construction and agricultural needs.
    • Versatility meets strength, making it your reliable companion for various tasks.
    • Explore the TL35.70 for precision in every lift.
  • TL38.70HF-R - Best-in-Class Boom Speeds for Agriculture

    • The Bobcat TL38.70HF telehandler lifts up to 3,800kg with a 7m lift height, offering best-in-class boom speeds and high flow.
    • A perfect match for all your agriculture needs, ensuring efficiency and productivity.
    • Explore the TL38.70HF for top-notch performance.
  • T40.180 - Top of the Range Lifting

    • The Bobcat TL40.180 telehandler lifts up to 4,000kg with an impressive 18m lift height, representing the top of the range model.
    • Ideal for tasks requiring exceptional lifting heights and capacities.
    • Explore the T40.180 for unmatched lifting capabilities.
  • TL43.80HF - The Beast of the Range

    • The Bobcat TL43.80HF telehandler lifts up to 4,300kg with an 8m lift height, known as the beast of the range.
    • The natural step up from smaller machines, delivering power and precision.
    • Explore the TL43.80HF for superior lifting performance.

Key Features and Benefits: Precision in Every Lift

  • Adaptability: Our telehandlers in NZ are equipped for various attachments, ensuring seamless transitions between tasks.
  • Precision Controls: Experience unparalleled control with advanced telehandler technology, allowing for precise movements and efficient handling.
  • Safety Features: Designed with safety as a priority, each model incorporates features that enhance operator safety during lifting operations.
  • Efficiency: With quick attachment changes and smooth operation, our telehandlers in NZ are engineered for maximum efficiency in your daily tasks.

Your Agricultural Solution Starts Here: Explore, Enquire, Elevate

Begin your journey with Bobcat today. Explore our telehandlers in NZ, envision their use in your specific applications, and discover the features that set them apart. 

Whether you're lifting heavy loads or reaching new heights, our telehandlers are designed to exceed your expectations.

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Your agricultural success story begins with the right equipment. Take the first step – explore our telehandlers for sale.

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The Bobcat TL30.60 telehandler can lift up to 3,000kg and has a lift height of up to 6m. Its your ideal machine for the farm or your go-to tool for tackling construction jobs in tight spots.


The Bobcat TL35.70 telehandler can lift up to 3,500kg and has a lift height of up to 7m. Offering outstanding stability for all your construction and agricultural needs.


The Bobcat TL38.70HF telehandler can lift up to 3,800kg and has a lift height of up to 7m. It has the best-in-class boom speeds and high flow which offers a perfect match for all your agriculture needs.


The Bobcat TL40.180 telehandler can lift up to 4,000kg and has a lift height of up to 18m, the top of the range model.


The Bobcat TL43.80HF telehandler can lift up to 4,300kg and has a lift height of up to 8m. It is the natural step up from smaller machines, and is referred to as the beast of the range.