Welcome to Clark Equipment's mobile lighting tower rental services – your beacon of brilliance in project illumination. 

Elevate your worksite visibility and safety with our cutting-edge fleet of lighting towers, available for seamless short or long-term rental. 

Explore the diversity of our mobile lighting towers and experience unparalleled versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features and Benefits: Light Up Your Success

  • Flexible Rental Options: Choose from short-term to long-term rentals, tailoring the duration to your project requirements.
  • Diverse Light Tower Types: Our fleet includes a broad range of mobile lighting tower rental options, providing solutions for various project scales and settings.
  • Transparent Light Tower Hire Rates: Benefit from clear and competitive light tower hire rates, ensuring you have a cost-effective lighting solution for your project.
  • On-Demand Illumination: Experience immediate illumination with our mobile lighting towers, ready for deployment whenever and wherever you need them.

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Begin your journey with Clark Equipment today. Explore our mobile lighting tower rental Services, envision the perfect lighting solution for your project, and discover the features that set our towers apart. 

Whether you require compact manoeuvrability, versatile adaptability, high-performance brilliance, or sustainable illumination, our towers exceed expectations.

Your project's success story begins with the right equipment. Take the first step – explore our lighting tower hire, envision the possibilities, and enquire online to experience the versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of Clark Equipment's lighting towers. 

Mobile Lighting Tower Hire - NZ - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects are suitable for mobile lighting tower rental?

Mobile lighting tower rental is ideal for a broad spectrum of projects, providing essential illumination in various settings. 

Whether it"s construction sites requiring extended hours of operation, outdoor events demanding optimal visibility, or roadworks necessitating safe working conditions at night, our mobile lighting towers cater to diverse project needs. 

With flexible configurations and easy deployment, our towers are the perfect solution to light up any project, ensuring enhanced productivity and safety around the clock.

How do I determine the appropriate lighting tower type and brightness for my specific project?

Choosing the right lighting tower for your project begins with assessing your specific needs. 

Opt for our mobile lighting tower hire services and consider the scale and nature of your project. Evaluate the coverage area, required brightness, and tower types available. 

Our expert team can assist you in selecting the most suitable mobile lighting tower, ensuring optimal illumination tailored to your project"s unique requirements.

Are the light tower hire rates inclusive of delivery, setup, and any additional services?

Our transparent approach to light tower hire rates ensures clarity in pricing.

We believe in providing comprehensive solutions, and any additional services, if required, can be discussed and incorporated into the overall light tower hire rates. 

With a commitment to openness and customer satisfaction, we aim to make the rental process seamless, transparent, and cost-effective for your specific project needs.

Can I rent lighting towers for both short-term and long-term durations?

Absolutely, our lighting tower hire services cater to both short-term and long-term durations. 

Whether you require illumination for a brief project or an extended construction endeavour, our flexible rental options ensure you have the right lighting towers for your timeframe. 

With Clark Equipment, you can customise the duration of your lighting tower hire to align perfectly with the unique needs and duration of your specific project.

Can I customise the rental duration or add/remove lighting towers based on changing project needs?

Certainly, our portable light tower rental services offer flexibility to adapt to changing project needs. 

You can customise the rental duration to align precisely with your project timeline. 

Additionally, we understand that project requirements may evolve, so you have the option to add or remove lighting towers as needed. 

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and tailored portable light tower rental experience, ensuring your project stays well-illuminated throughout its duration.

LED HiLight H5+

Atlas Copco HiLight H5 LED Light Tower
Extremely efficient, the HiLight H5+ demonstrates exceptional fuel consumption as well as offering the best luminosity.

LED HiLight B5+

Atlas Copco HiLight B5 LED Light Tower
The renew ultra-quiet LED light tower HiLight B5+ has been designed to be seen and not heard while ensuring maximun safety at the site.