DCP 10 Pneumatic Dust Collector

Atlas Copco DCP10 Dust Collector
This revolutionary tool uses vacuum technology to remove dust directly at the source and keeps the silica dust level on your construction site below the permissible exposure limit.

Best of all, they don’t require power, only a reliable source of compressed air.

Hydraulic Rock Drills

Rock drilling is a tough job. And it gets ever more demanding. We want to make your job easier as you go deeper.

Petrol Rock Drills

When you combine high impact rate and lower impact energy with rotation, you get a very powerful drill.

Pneumatic Hammers

The Atlas Copco hydraulic-powered hammer is ideal for horizontal destruction of brick, mortar, and light concrete.

It’s easy grip and lightweight make it the perfect choice for jobs in renovation, demolition, and structural alteration.

Hydraulic Hammers

The smallest models, such as TEX 03 PS and TEX 05 P, are light enough for overhead work and they help you get in close behind pillars and under stairs when doing renovation work.

Larger models such as the TEX 09 PS, 10 PS and 12 PS are the Swiss army knives of pneumatic hammers.

Cut-Off Saw

Atlas Copco hydraulic cut-off saws are simple in design and powerful in use. Put the saw to work on any construction site cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, and steel.

This concrete cutting equipment even works perfectly underwater, thanks to its hydraulics and direct drive.

Core Drills

Construction professionals use the Atlas Copco core drills in a wide range of applications, including building renovation and utility works.

The core drills are safe and powerful, with the ability to drill holes of up to 200 mm in diameter into reinforced concrete, freehand.

RTEX Pneumatic Breaker

The RTEX breaker reduces energy consumption by 50% whilst being 25% lighter with excellent ergonomics.

With this tool, you will get the same job done using a 25kg RTEX compared to a 33kg heavy breaker.

TEX Pneumatic Breakers

Atlas Copco pneumatic breakers are made with high endurance and performance in mind. Their solid body means they can handle even the toughest of jobs.

Their expert design means they are easy to service and more reliable – saving you both time and money

Hydraulic Breakers

These Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers are among the best general-purpose breakers available.

They are commonly used with 5” asphalt chisels for road building and maintenance applications, but also work well in brickwork, frozen soil, and concrete.

Cobra Petrol Breakers

These heavy-duty hydraulic breakers are perfect for when work is unpredictable, and you need a trusted tool by your side.

They are petrol-driven, so you don’t need an external power supply that has made them industry leaders for emergency services worldwide.